Frequently asked questions

How long is each lessons and when are they?

Each private lesson is thirty minutes. Your teacher will schedule a time that works best for both of you. That will become your weekly lesson time/day. Depending on lesson time availability, the studio is open five days a week during the afternoons and early evenings by appointment only.

Where are lessons held?

That depends on which instrument you take lessons on. Piano lessons take place at the instructors house in McKinney, TX. You will receive directions when you register. Flute lessons take place in the practice rooms of the various schools the teachers works out of in MISD.

Do you offer travel to my home lessons?

At this time, no, we do not.

What time slots do you have open?

That varies from month to month. For current openings, fill out the Get Started form and the teacher will let you know availability.

What if you don't have lesson times that work for me?

You can always add your name to the Waitlist for new time slot openings. Or feel free to check with other teachers and studios around the area!

What ages do you teach?

For the most part, all ages! For piano, we start private lessons at age 5 (so long as they can sit at the piano and focus for 30 minutes). Adult beginners are welcome as well! Flute lessons start the summer before a student enters 6th grade through 12th.

How many lessons do I need to commit to?

For piano, we ask that you start with at least a two month commitment to see if it's right for you. For flute, we ask for a commitment for the school year.

Do I need my own instrument?

Yes! In order to learn music, you must practice regularly. Your teacher will recommend an appropriate piano or flute for you when you sign up if you need help.

How long will it take to learn to play?

Every person learns at a different rate, depending on the amount of time they put into practicing. We recommend daily practice to accelerate your success. If this happens, you will be amazed at what you achieve!

How much should I practice?

The more you practice, the better! We recommend daily practice for at least thirty minutes each session. As you advance into more complex music, that timeframe will increase. Your teacher will guide you in practice times, what to practice, and how to practice effectively.

Do I need to help my child practice?

Parent involvement is key to a child's success in music. We recommend parents encourage their child to setup a practice routine at home. Parents can easily aid in helping students complete their written assignments or practice with flashcards as well. Your child's teacher will give you specific ideas of what to listen for and how to help and encourage your student in their practice times.

What books and supplies do I need?

A working instrument, practice journal, and metronome, as well as the books and supplemental pages your teacher recommends. Your teacher will go over all of this prior to the first lesson. A fun tote bag is recommended to keep music books in. If you are taking flute, a music stand, thumbport, and flute cleaning supplies are also required. Your teacher will send this infomation out to you of where to get these.

How do I pay?

Each month, you'll receive an invoice for the upcoming month with your current balance and payment instructions. Students are welcome to pay in-person or online.

What will I learn?

Music literacy is one of our goals. Students will learn to read music, as well as music theory and history. Students will learn a variety of pieces from various genres/styles. Piano students may also learn chording techniques as they are ready.

Will there be performance opportunities?

Flute students will perform with their band as well as at various contests such as All-Region and the Solo and Ensemble contest. As more performing opportunities arise, students will be notified. Since piano lessons are taught at the instructors house, there are currently no plans for a large recital. We focus on the love of music rather than the pressure of performing. If students are interested in performing, the teacher will recommend various contests or opportunities as they arise.


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