Seven Surprising Benefits of Playing Piano

Playing the piano has numerous benefits to the student besides just learning about music. Not only do they gain a new skill, but they grow in ways that will spill over into so many other areas of their lives.

1. Improved Concentration and Focus

Learning to play the piano with two hands while reading two entirely different set of notes and rhythms is beyond the everyday multitasking. It can be difficult to coordinate all of these things at first, but the more you practice, the better you will get at them.

2. Improved Reading, Math, and Counting Skills

Many studies on the brain and music have been done over the years. Students who learn music and piano have demonstrated higher scores in all of these areas and more!

3. Learning to Handle Stress and Anxiety

Music is full of opportunities to perform for others—recitals, concerts, practice sessions, and more. Learning how to deal with all of these stresses and the anxiety of performing can make students learn to cope with public speaking or job performances much better later on in life.

4. Better Goal Setting

Learning piano and music is a long journey, filled with twists and turns along the way. Students will learn about the goal-setting process to achieve their dream, as well as self-discipline and dedication to get there.

5. Taking Constructive Criticism

Lessons are all about mentorship to the young student. Students will learn how to receive constructive advice and criticism, thus building a strong self-esteem, as they journey through music. This ability to learn and grow from their mentors will help them as they move into various careers over the years.

6. Encourages Creativity

Once students learn the basics of piano, they can unleash their musical creativity. From self-expression to creating art for others to hear, the power to create is endless.

7. Increase in Strong Fine Motor Skills and Hand Muscles

Many medical school have seen a huge decline in incoming medical students’ dexterity or fine motor skills abilities. It’s believed that our increase use of technologies have caused a decline in childhood hobbies such as music, sewing, painting, or woodworking. Many medical schools recommend piano or other instrument training to prepare students for these type of skills.

There are countless other benefits to young musicians as well. So why not get started in lessons and find out for yourself? It’s never too late to learn.

For further reading and studies referred to in the article: Music Brain, EdWeek, Brain Connection, MIC, NY Times


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